Why is the City of Spruce Grove considering moving to black waste cart collection every two weeks?

    The City’s landfill diversion rates have stagnated when compared to other communities in the Capital Region who have already moved from weekly to garbage collection every second week. Garbage collection every second week has proven to be an effective strategy to increase diversion rates. It encourages greater recycling and organics participation by restricting the volume of garbage allowed to be placed at the curb.

    Organics and blue bag collection will continue on a weekly basis (with the exception of organics collection in the winter months).

    Most municipalities in the region have already shifted to waste collection every second week as an effective method to increase recycling and reduce the amount of garbage going to the landfill.

    Why isn’t my bill being reduced if my service is now every other week?

    Curbside collection fees are based on cost-recovery for operational costs, which are expected to increase as landfill space decreases.

    While the black waste cart will be collected every second week, the green organics cart and blue bags will continue on a weekly collection schedule (with the exception of organics collection in the winter months).

    What do residents do if they have more garbage than what will fit in their black waste cart?

    Residents are encouraged to visit www.sprucegrove.org/trimyourtrash or download the free app to check where an item should be disposed of. Approximately 75% of waste generated from a household can be recycled or composted.

    If you have extra waste that will not fit in your black waste cart with the lid completely closed, it can be taken to the Eco Centre for disposal (for a fee).

    How do residents know what goes in the black waste cart, green organics cart, blue bags or to the Eco Centre?

    The City offers an app called Spruce Grove Trim Your Trash that allows residents to search items and find out what goes where. The download is free for any iOS and Android device. Search Spruce Grove Trim Your Trash on App Store or Google Play.

    Trim Your Trash is also available on the City’s website at www.sprucegrove.org/TrimYourTrash

    What if I miss my collection because I am on vacation?

    If you are going to be away, we encourage you to make arrangements with your neighbour to put your carts out and take them back off the street (similar to asking a neighbour to water your plants or garden when you are away).

    You can also take your waste to the Eco Centre (for a fee).

    My garbage will stink if it is only collected every two weeks!

    Typically the stuff that stinks in your garbage is actually what should be disposed of in your green organics cart. Your green organics cart is collected weekly.

    Remember to feed your green organics cart with your leftover food, bones, fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grinds and filters, pizza boxes and other soiled paper (ie. paper towels) in addition to yard waste.

    Can I get another cart or a larger one?

    Larger carts or more than one cart does not encourage diversion of waste. If residents are regularly finding that they are exceeding the capacity of their cart, we encourage you to download the Trim Your Trash app to ensure you are diverting as much waste as possible to recycling or organics.