Columbus Park trees find new home at Ag Society grounds

A partnership between the City of Spruce Grove, the Spruce Grove and District Agricultural Heritage Society, and Kiwi Nurseries has resulted in five long-standing trees in Columbus Park finding a new home on the Ag Society’s grounds.

This summer Columbus Park will be going through an extensive redevelopment project that would require the trees to be removed. The Ag Society, with the assistance of Kiwi Nurseries, volunteered to move the trees prior to construction starting and relocate them near the society’s grain elevator, water tower, and shed

“We are thrilled to be working with both the Ag Society and Kiwi Nurseries to relocate these trees,” said City Manager Dean Screpnek. “They have been part of Columbus Park for many years, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to keep them within our community in a location where they can continue to be enjoyed.”

Three Linden trees, one Bur Oak and one Ohio Buckeye tree were relocated over the May long weekend. Linden trees grow almost like a holiday tree, as they boast a wide brim while tapering at the treetop, while Bur Oak trees more look like a Halloween tree as their trunks are dark, twisting with corky bark and spooky looking at night. Ohio Buckeye trees can grow up to 50 feet high and display beautiful, yellowish flowers in the spring and their leaves turn to a pumpkin-orange in the fall.

“To us, it’s about helping to preserve some of the history of Spruce Grove,” said Ashleigh Munro, Ag Society board member and part-owner of Kiwi Nurseries. “These trees have been part of our city through many of the changes that have occurred within Spruce Grove, and that gives them significance. They are really some of the city’s ‘longest’ residents!”

The redevelopment work at Columbus Park is expected to occur throughout the summer months and into the fall. New features and amenities at the park will include a permanent stage and storage room, a shelter structure, flat green space, a water bottle fill station, tables, power outlets, and raised planters with seating. Underground services will also be installed to potentially accommodate a washroom facility in the future.

This work is part of a larger redevelopment plan for the City Centre that is focused on revitalizing the area to create a vibrant, welcoming space and improved experience for those who walk, bike, drive or use transit to access the area. Updating Columbus Park will help to make the space a venue for gathering and public events in all seasons.

Once events are able to resume at the Ag Society grounds, visitors will be educated about the trees’ historical significance.

Kiwi Nurseries was glad to provide the equipment and expertise to move the trees.

“We really saw this as a way to help enhance and give back to our community,” said Munro. “Trees, and nature in general, are such a valuable part of our city and this is a way we can help to educate residents about their importance.”

*Photos courtesy of Kiwi Nurseries

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