Below the surface – a peek under the City’s streets

For many of us, when we think about the City’s streets and roadways, we look at them as a way to get around Spruce Grove. They connect our neighbourhoods and allow us to access the many stores, services, and other amenities in our community.

But have you ever stopped to consider what’s going on underneath the asphalt?

If you could peek under the City’s streets, you’d find that it’s the home of many critical services we rely on each day. This includes sanitary sewer lines, water main lines, and stormwater utility lines, as well as private utilities such as cable, telephone, and electrical.

When these underground services need upgrading or repair work, there’s no other option but to go in from above – and that can result in some significant impacts to local streets.

A good example of this is the current work going on in the City Centre area of Spruce Grove. As part of the streetscape revitalization project on Main Street and McLeod Avenue, the majority of this year’s work is focused on the rehabilitation of the underground infrastructure in the area.

These underground upgrades will support service to existing businesses and residents, while also creating opportunity for new development.

So far, new water main and sanitary sewer lines have been installed and some storm water tie-ins have been completed. Additional underground utility installation will continue for the rest of this year’s construction season. There will be some surface work occurring this year, but the majority of that will wait until the 2023 construction season.

“We’d really like thank the community and businesses in the area for their patience and cooperation during this underground work,” said City Municipal Engineer Rae-Lynne Spila. “It can be hard to see the work that’s happening when so much of it is beneath the surface, but these upgrades are an important part of this project and will support the ongoing revitalization efforts in the City Centre area.”

The streetscape project is one element of the larger City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan that is focused on revitalizing the area and making the City Centre a place where people of all ages come to shop, dine, work, live, socialize, interact and participate in a variety of community, arts and cultural experiences.

McLeod Avenue (looking west) – water main has been completed and the sanitary line is currently being installed.

Main Street (looking north) – water main installation.

Intersection - Main Street (looking south) – some asphalt removal completed for some storm tie-ins.

Photos courtesy of ISL Engineering

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