Why should I join the Spruce Grove Neighbour Network?

    When you join the Spruce Grove Neighbour Network, you will have access to resources, ideas and neighbourhood building tools that will help build neighbour-to-neighbour connections on your block and in your neighbourhood. You will have opportunities to contribute ideas that will help build the overall network and create a greater sense of community and connectedness on every block, apartment and condominium complex in Spruce Grove.

    What difference does knowing my neighbours make?

    There are many benefits to knowing your neighbours and creating an environment where neighbours watch out for each other. This includes:

    • Improved overall mental and physical health with new opportunities for relationship and recreation.
    • Increased opportunity to know people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, experiences and ages.
    • Increased neighbourhood safety with help nearby if or when you need it.
    • Building a network of people to ensure children can safely grow and play, and seniors have access to additional supports when needed
    • Finding creative solutions to common problems by using the unique skills, perspectives and abilities of people in the neighbourhood.

    How do I connect with my neighbours during difficult times, including COVID-19?

    There are a variety of ways to connect with your neighbourhoods during difficult times, for example, you could:

    • Start a neighbourhood Facebook or WhatsApp group.
    • Organize a window walk where neighbours decorate their windows and then walk the block to see their neighbours’ creativity.
    • Leave kind messages or offers of support through e-mail, a note on someone’s door or in their mailbox.
    • Have a conversation in-person while maintaining physical distance.
    • Smile, wave and say hello to one another from a distance. Remember simple acts of kindness can go a long way.

    I don’t know my neighbours, how do I get started?

    The first step is introducing yourself. Be friendly and approachable, smile and say hello. Take time to talk when you can. When you’re out enjoying the community, stop to meet and get to know the children and teenagers in your neighbourhood.

    What if I don’t get along with my neighbours?

    A neighbouring relationship can still be respectful even if you don’t see eye-to-eye with your neighbour.  It is important to continue to develop foundational relationships with your neighbours. It can help when difficult situations arise.